MDS Compliance

Minimum Data Set (MDS) compliance is costly and time-consuming for many providers, but it does not need to be...

The MDS was originally intended to assist operators in coordinating care for their residents. However, payment, quality initiatives, and other regulations have obscured the intended use of the MDS.

Let NexulHealth help you find the right solution. 

The NexulHealth MDS connector integrates data from your electronic health record (EHR) and Medicare claims to automate and improve the MDS submission process for each resident assessment. Our advanced data technologies connect your systems including the EHR and MDS to help you more efficiently coordinate your residents care.

Never miss an assessment period again, and ensure that each assessment is accurate, based on real-time data sweeps from your EHR and claims. Our customizable alerts can keep you informed of any change in conditions, upcoming ARDs, or quality measure triggers.

Rest easy knowing that your assessments are updated, accurate, and consistent with your EHR and rest easy through the MDS-focused survey.

If you have not adopted an EHR yet, we can help with that too.

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