Health Inspections

Your health inspection Five-Star rating will be frozen until after February 2018. With NexulHealth’s Five-Star ratings products and integrated technologies you can be prepared for the new ratings.

In 2014, CMS piloted a focused survey in five states to identify inaccuracies on the MDS. In 2015, that survey was rolled out in all states.[1] Surveyors for this survey are trained to identify discrepancies between the medical record and the MDS assessments. MDS inaccuracies can trigger deficiency citations for you, but by using NexulHealth, those errors can be avoided.

Unlike other Federal Government Compare sites, Nursing Home Compare is the only site that includes data from the survey and certification process and creates the health inspection Five-Star rating. Deficiencies can dramatically decrease your Five-Star rating because it's based on your performance compared to other nursing homes in your state. Our products will ensure that you are in compliance with care regulations by linking your EHR directly to your MDS data entry system, and wrapping this integrated system with alerts so you can proactively drive your compliance and documentation to improve care.